Catholicism and Lordship Salvation
Greg Durel

The topic of Lordship salvation is a source for long theological discussions in biblical circles. It is a topic that one would not expect to find within a religious institution that teaches salvation by works and sacraments, etc. But Romanism does teach Lordship salvation. The Lordship of the Roman pontiff! In other words, the Church of Rome teaches that one must be subject to the Pope and recognize him as Lord to be saved.

Now at this point some may be screaming, "That is absurd. The Catholic Church teaches no such thing." But the reality is that they do in fact teach that the Lordship of the Roman Catholic pope is necessary for salvation. Those who reject this catholic dogma cannot be saved. Let us prove this teaching from official catholic sources:

1. "No man outside the Roman Catholic Church and outside obedience to the Pope of Rome can ultimately be saved...all who have raised themselves against the faith of the Roman Church and have died in final impenitence have been damned and have gone down into eternal punishments of hell." Pope Clement VI

2. "We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff." Pope Boniface VIII

3. "Where the necessity of salvation is concerned, all the faithful of Christ must be subject to the Roman Pontiff." V Lateran Council

4. "It is an absolute necessity to submit to the Head and Supreme Pastor... to whom it is absolutely necessary for salvation to remain subject." Pope Leo XIII

Three Popes and an ecumenical council. All of which are said to be infallible since they are teaching in matters of faith and morals. Some will deny this truth because these quotes are bigoted and certainly unbiblical. But nevertheless they clearly prove our point. Many more quotes from official Roman Catholic sources could be given but these four should suffice the person who is intellectually honest.

It should be of no surprise to anyone who understands Romanism how these statements could be made. Remember this is the "church" that refers to the Pope as the Holy Father," the "Vicar of Christ" and when he speaks "ex-cathedra" it is as if God the Holy Spirit was teaching. Imagine that Romanism has given to its visible human head the titles and attributes of every member of the trinity! A religious institution that teaches that a mere man is the Holy Father, when the Bible clearly teaches that only the Father in heaven is Holy. A religious Institution that teaches that a mere man is the Vicar of Christ, when the Bible clearly teaches that it is God the Holy Spirit who is the Vicar of Christ. A religious institution that teaches that a mere man is infallible, when the Bible clearly proclaims that only God is infallible. Imagine a religious institution that has proclaimed that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John are anathema. (Cf. Luke 26:44: I Cor. 1:17; I John 5:13). According to Jesuit Priest Mitch Pacwa, Phd., to be declared anathema is to be forbidden the sacraments. And to be forbidden the sacraments is to be denied what is necessary for attaining Heaven. When one considers the gravity of these statements it is not hard to see how the Roman Pope could be declared necessary for salvation. I challenge you to examine your faith in light of God’s word as well as the statements that have been made in this article. Reject feelings, opinions, traditions, etc., and let God’s word stand firm.

There is only one Lord and His name is Jesus the Christ. He requires only faith in Him for your salvation. Anything that adds or detracts from that truth is another Gospel. The Apostle Paul instructs us in Galatians 1:8 what our response to Romanism should be. Will we have the courage to believe the Scripture and reject the religious nonsense of Popery or will we remain chained to a religious system for fear of peer pressure or concern for friends and love ones and their feelings? In Matthew chapter 10 the Lord tells us that faith in Him will divide families. Will you choose Him? He loves you and gave His life for you so that you could have eternal life. What will your response be? When one reads the Word of God and sees the startling contrasts between it and the Roman Catholic Religion the choice is not a difficult one at all.

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