Reaching Catholics For Christ

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It is written...

According To God's Word
Hosted by T. A. McMahon
Produced by The Berean Call

A program to "encourage looking to the Bible alone for all of what God says
 about Himself, what He expects of us and, most importantly, 
what He has done for us that we might spend eternity with Him."

Discussing questions regarding the authority of Scripture... 

Shows from 2000

  * Why should people place their confidence in the Bible?
  * Where do we turn for religious truth?
  * Why do people turn to things other than the Bible?
  * What should we believe and why should we believe it?
  * Is the Bible really trustworthy?
Should religion be separated from everyday life?
  * Does the Bible contain all of God's truth?
  * Is the Bible sufficient in all matters of life and godliness?
  * What must we do to be saved?
  * Do we get a second chance in purgatory?
  * Is Christian salvation a process?
What is different about Catholic baptism?
  * Can Catholic baptism bring salvation?
  * What is the RCIA? (Part I)
  * What does it take to become a Catholic?

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