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by Greg Durel
Hail Mary? Hail Mary?  
Catholic Salvation
Catholic and Lordship Salvation 
Bless Me
"Bless me, Father...?"
Bless Me "Bless me, Father...?" Part 2
Polytheistic? Is the Roman Catholic Church Polytheistic?
Vail The Vail Menders
Signs Signs of a Cult
by Mike Gendron
Only Christ Can Provide What Sinners Need Only Christ Can Provide What Sinners Need
Evangelicals and Catholics Why Do Catholics Reject the Words of Jesus?
Abuse by Priests Abuse by Priests 

Eucharist Adoration Eucharistic Adoration: Worship or Idolatry? 

Unity, Tolerance and Doctrinal Truth Unity, Tolerance and Doctrinal Truth 

No One Can Merit the Unmerited Favor of God No One Can Merit the Unmerited Favor of God 

The Vatican's Call for Unity The Vatican's Call For Unity 
Understanding Islam
Understanding Islam and Roman Catholicism

Jesus Christ Saves Completely Jesus is Sufficient to Save Sinners Completely 
Past Popes Past Popes Taught Destructive Heresies 

Don't Know What Catholics Don't Know
Forsaking of Jesus The Forsaking of Jesus Christ

Beware Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
the Mass
The Sacrifice of the Mass - Blessing or Bondage?
Perverting the Gospel The Gospel of Jesus Christ and How Man Perverts It 

Should All Christians Unite with Catholics?
Eternal Consequences
The Eternal Consequences of Papal Infallibility

The Vatican's Claim
The Vatican's Claim to Save Humanity

Spiritual Battle
The Spiritual Battle for Truth 
Examine Yourself Examine Yourself! Are You in the Faith? 
The Church of Rome Steps Into Apostasy 
The Pope's Push The Pope's Push for a One-World Religion 
Reaching Catholics
Reaching Catholics For Christ   
Exchanging Religion for a Relationship   
No Longer
It Is No Longer I Who Live   
Come Out!
Come Out of the Catholic Church
Apostolic or Apostate?
Roman Catholicism--Apostolic or Apostate?
Pride Blinds
Pride Blinds Catholics from the Truth 
Deceived? Are Catholics Deceived?
Eat-Drink Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood
Cure "Only One Cure For Sin"
by Dave Hunt
The Gospel That Saves The Gospel That Saves
Baptism Baptismal Regeneration
City A City on Seven Hills
A Cult is a Cult A Cult is a Cult
Catholicism Catholicism 
Ecumenism Ecumenism & Catholicism
Cultism Cultism, Catholicism & Authoritarianism
Roots The Roots of Catholic / Evangelical "Unity"
by James McCarthy
Give Me...Father "Give Me the Works, Father" 
Mortal and Venial Sin Mortal and Venial Sin 
Purgatory: An Essential Roman Catholic Doctrine 
Don't Understand Why Catholics Don't Understand Sin 

the Mass Is the Mass the Real Sacrifice of Christ? 
Catholic Way of Salvation
The Catholic Way of Salvation
What I Like
Because I Like It
Catholic studies
Catholic Bible Studies
Upon This Rock
Upon This Rock 
Roman Catholic Bible
The Roman Catholic Bible 
Christ's Work
Christ Made Every Believer a Priest, Not a Select Few? 
Reaching Catholics
Reaching Catholics For Christ 
Redemption Christ's Work of Redemption is Finished, Not Continuing 
New Testament Tradition
New Testament Tradition
Don't Know
Why Catholics Don't Know  
Ritualized Confession of Sin 
Knights of Columbus
Evangelical Knights of Columbus
Who Gave? Who Gave Us the Bible?
I, a Pharisee? "Are You Calling Me a Pharisee?"
"Sola Scriptura"? "Sola Scriptura"? 
Merit Merit and the General Judgment
Authority Roman Catholic Authority
by T. A. McMahon
Why Evangelize Why Evangelize Roman Catholics? 
Mary Who? Mary Who? 
Why? Part I Why It Matters - Part I
Why? Part II
Why It Matters - Part II
Seduction The Evangelical Seduction
Home to Rome? Home to Rome?

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