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Reaching Catholics For Christ is an association of ministries and   individuals having a zeal to share the truth of biblical salvation with Roman Catholics.

RCFC has been formed to serve the body of Christ and its participants by functioning primarily as a clearinghouse, that is, a cooperative developed to facilitate the work of individuals and ministries committed to bringing the good news of God's gift of salvation to Catholics. RCFC directs ex-Catholics and others with a heart for witnessing to Catholics, as well as like-minded, Bible-believing churches and organizations, to the services and materials of its participating ministries. Reaching Catholics For Christ hopes to further the work of such ministries to the body of Christ and encourage support from the Body for such ministries.

The general purpose of Reaching Catholics For Christ is to support ex-Catholics and other individuals in their endeavor to personally minister the true gospel of salvation to their Catholic loved ones, friends and acquaintances.   RCFC is committed to 1) strengthen and increase the effectiveness of associated ministries which have been called to proclaim the biblical gospel to Catholics, and 2) help such ministries educate the body of Christ as to the unbiblical nature of Roman Catholic salvation.  Simply, RCFC is committed to encouraging intercommunication among the millions of born-again ex-Catholics (and other like-minded believers), as well as connecting them to ministries throughout the world which can help them evangelize Catholics.

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